Van tradesmen demand tax exemption

Van SMMMO President Ibrahim Şahin evaluated the economic package announced by President Erdogan and said: "After the earthquakes, our Van tradesmen are faced with a disaster like coronavirus and should be exempt from tax for 3 months."

The situation provoked by the coronavirus epidemic has caused a new economic collapse in Van, which had already suffered a major earthquake in 2011 and has not yet healed its wounds.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced a new package of economic measures last week dictated by the coronvirus crisis.

According to the package called 'Economic Stability Shield', in this period, the main and interest payments of Halkbank's loan will be postponed by three months without interest for all those tradesmen and artisans declaring that their work has been affected negatively due to the coronavirus crisisi.

Reminding that such packages have been announced before bringing about no results, Van Free Accountants Chamber of Financial Advisors (SMMMO) Ibrahim Şahin added that postponing the tax and credit debts is not the solution, but in fact it caused bigger problems in the future.

Underlining that the same postponement was offered after the Van earthquake, but the shopkeepers who did not pay their deferred debts had to close their business, Şahin added that Van shopkeepers were still struggling with the consequences of the earthquake.

Şahin continued: "With the earthquake of 2011, the taxes affecting the economy of our province were started to be delayed and not received for a long time. However, due to the 70% economic contraction of tradesmen and traders in our province, they could not pay their tax debts. In this sense, what should be proposed is a 3 months exemption, not a delay."