Voting began in the Republic of Ireland

Polls open at 7am this [Friday] morning and they will remain open until 10pm tonight.

In the Republic of Ireland, voting began in local and EU elections, as well as a referendum on making divorce easier. 

There are 31 local authorities, with a total of 949 seats. A total of 1,977 candidates are running for election.

There are three Euro constituencies -- Dublin (four seats), Ireland South (five seats) and Midlands North West (four seats).  The final candidate elected in both Dublin and the Ireland South constituencies must wait to take their seats until Brexit actually happens.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald said that the elections are an opportunity to "pass judgment on an out of touch and incompetent government", pointing in particular to the failure of the minority government on housing.

McDonald added: "Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael should not be rewarded for leaving a generation with no prospect of owning their own home, they should not be rewarded for 21st century tenements where 42 people are expected to share a kitchen," she said.

Polls open at 7am this [Friday] morning and they will remain open until 10pm tonight. State-run broadcaster RTE says it will announce the results of an exit poll after voting closes.

Local election results from individual constituencies will start coming on Saturday afternoon but most will become known on Sunday. The referendum result will be revealed late Saturday or early Sunday.

Counting for the EU election will only commence in the 26 Counties on Sunday morning, though no results will be announced until polls have closed all over Europe at 10pm Sunday evening. Most results from Ireland's three European constituencies will become available on Monday.

Counting for the EU election in the Six Counties will only begin on Monday morning and should be known by Monday evening. Results will be published here through the weekend and into Monday.