Wave of arrests spreads across Iran and East Kurdistan

The wave of detentions and police raids by the Iranian regime forces is gradually increasing across Iran and East Kurdistan.

In a new crackdown on protestors, the regime forces carried out several raids yesterday (Jan. 18).

Dozens of people from the city of Piranshahr and its villages were detained by the regime forces and taken to an unknown location.

Furthermore, a group of activists was detained in the cities of Shino, Kamuran and Sine (Sanandaj). The wave of detentions continues in other cities as well.

The Iranian state has broadened the wave of arrests in the cities where mass demonstrations have taken place.

More than 50 citizens and activists were detained in Jawanroud (Ciwanro) last week.

Nearly 20,000 people have been detained since the beginning of the mass anti-government demonstrations in Iran and East Kurdistan. At least 16 demonstrators died due to torture and lack of treatment in prisons. 112 demonstrators have been sentenced to death.

The European Parliament called on Wednesday for the EU to list Iran's Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organisation.

The recent move is considered to be an achievement of the 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' (Woman, Life, Freedom) uprising. The role of the Revolutionary Guards in suppressing the demonstrators is cited as the reason for the EU initiative.