Wazir told the police: "I am setting myself on fire for Rojava"

"My brother Ali was very disturbed by the Turkish state invasion attacks of Rojava and the silence of international forces, especially the UN."

Ali Wazir has set his body on fire in front of the UN Geneva Office to protest the silence of the United Nations and international forces on the Turkish state invasion and genocide attacks on North East Syria. 

Wazir's conditions are still serious, as 84 percent of his body has been burned. He is being treated at Lausanne University Central Hospital.

Wazir's brother, Mizaz, who lives in Switzerland, told ANF why his brother resorted to such an action and what happened during the event.

"My brother Ali was very disturbed by the Turkish state invasion attacks of Rojava and the silence of international forces, especially the UN."

He added: "My brother recently came to visit us from Germany with his family. He was very angry with the attacks of the Turkish state against Rojava. He spent all his time following what happened in Rojava. There are many martyrs in Serêkaniyê, he said. They kill civilians, children, women, the elderly. They're displacing people."

Mizaz Wazir continued: "Ali was looking at the photos of his friends who were martyred and the photos of civilians and was very upset. He spent his whole day like this. Since the mercenaries tried to enter Serêkaniyê, he never slept. He was closing his eyes for 5 minutes, looking at the news. When he slept, he made noises and movements as if he were at war. It was very difficult for him not to do anything and just watched what happened."

Ali Wazir, the day before the action, had asked his brother about the UN, and said that the UN was silent about what happened in Rojava. "But we never thought that it would take such action. We slept late and woke up in the morning. He said he was fine. So I went back to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up with the sound of ambulance and police. When we ran out with my brother Lezgin, we saw Ali in the ambulance."

When they stopped the ambulance and the police and asked what happened, Wazir's brother got the following response from the police: "Your brother set himself on fire by pouring gasoline over him."

The police told him that that Wazir last words were "I set my body on fire for Rojava."

Wazir's brother said his Ali action was an honorable action and added: "This is not the time to sit and wait. Everyone must rise against this occupation and massacres. How long will we be silent when people sacrifice their lives? No one should say, there is only war in Rojava, we live in Europe every day, and we are part of this war." 

Wazir's brother said Ali had carried out an action against the silence of the international forces, particularly the UN.

"There are hundreds of young people like Ali. - he said - There are many young people ready to set their bodies on fire right now, so Europe and the world should know. "