Woman prisoner released after 30 years is taken into custody again

Şadiye Manap, who was released from Gebze Women's Closed Prison after 30 years, was taken into custody before she left the prison.

Şadiye Manap, who was detained in Riha in 1992, was tried at the Diyarbakır State Security Court (DGM), where she was given a life sentence.

Manap, who was arrested at the age of 24, remained in Riha, Midyat and finally Gebze Women's Closed Prison for 30 years. She was tortured countless times during her stay in prison. She was eventually released on Thursday morning after 30 years.

However, Manap was taken into custody by the police and taken to the Kocaeli Police Department, on the pretext of an investigation conducted against her in 2020. It was learned that Manap, whose statement was taken earlier within the scope of the investigation, was kept at Kocaeli Police Department and has not yet been contacted by her lawyers.