Women's webinar to discuss impact of coronavirus pandemic

"What the Coronavirus Pandemic has shown us" is the title of the new webinar organised on Sunday by Women Weaving Future.

The organisers said: "Many people have pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic exposed and further aggravated existing global injustices. For many states, the pandemic became an opportunity to crack down on rights and liberties.

Notably, governments often resorted to militarisric language and psychological intimidation tactics to assert control over populations, instead of ensuring equal access to services. In some cases, states started entire military operations in the midst of the pandemic." 

Women, indigenous peoples, and communities under war and occupation have been among those most affected by the global health crisis.

"At the same time, - added the organisers - the pandemic was a time of organization and struggle. Against states and corporations that exploit the health crisis for power and profit, many people have responded with calls for mutual aid, solidarity and resistance for social justice. In this panel, organized by Cenî Kurdish Women’s Office for Peace, three activists from different continents will speak about the experiences of their communities during the Covid19 pandemic. They will reflect on the ways in which states have responded to the crisis and how communities and social movements have organized themselves for resilience and survival."

Panelists will discuss in what ways could communities draw on their indigenous knowledge systems to survive the implications of the pandemic, what is the situation of women in the respective contexts, how can women defend ourselves as wonen against future crises of this sort.

The webinar will be at 17 UTC/19 CEST/20 EEST.

Livestream: https://youtu.be/QMH0mYOkhwY

register: [email protected]