Xosnav Ata continues vigil in front of OPCW to protest Turkish chemical attacks in Kurdistan

Xosnav Ata continues his vigil in front of the OPCW to protest the chemical attacks carried out by the Turkish army in Kurdistan.

Xosnav Ata continues his vigil in front of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in Den Haag. The vigil is on day 187.

NAV-YEK co-chair Çiçek Yıldız and two executive women from the Yazidi Women's Assembly Roof Organization (SMJÊ) visited Ata on Tuesday.

The women said that they visited Xosnav Ata to express their solidarity and support for the action.

Drawing attention to the earthquake disaster that took place in Bakur and Rojava in the morning of 6 February, the women expressed their condolences to the people of Kurdistan. The delegation called on all democratic institutions and organizations, and especially the people of Kurdistan living in Europe, to support the aid campaign launched by Heyva Sor.