Yazidi women accused German government over ISIS members

The Federation of Yazidi Women’s Councils filed a criminal complaint against Angela Merkel's government for not taking action on the ISIS members of German nationality in the hands of the YPG.

The government of Angela Merkel has not taken any action with respect to the ISIS members of German nationality in the hands of the SDF/YPG forces despite the call by the same SDF/YPG and the autonomous administration in Rojava. 

The Yazidi Federation condemned Berlin's indifference towards the presence of more than 200 German citizens, most of them women and children.

Germany Yazidi Federation of Women’s Councils have filed a criminal complaint against Justice Minister Katarina Barley and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who are members of the Merkel government for their insensitive attitude towards the crimes against humanity in South Kurdistan, Rojava, Syria and Iraq.

"These two ministers are preventing justice”

The Yazidi women stated that both ministers are not attempting to prosecute ISIS mercenaries who were involved in the crimes, thus preventing justice to prevail. The criminal complaint also pointed out the crimes suffered by the Yazidi population, especially women. 

The Yazidi Federation appealed directly to article 258 of the German Constitution, while a spokesperson told on television that a statement will be made. 

According to reports in the German media, there are currently 71 ISIS members in the prisons in Rojava, and 21 of them have been issued with an arrest warrant by the German Federal Prosecutor's Office. It is noteworthy that, although these 21 people are ISIS members or committed war crimes, Germany did not demand their extradition.

The German Federal Government frequently says that it is “unable to establish the identity of those captured.”

The German foreign intelligence agency, however, has identified the German citizens last March by going to the refugee camps and prisons in Rojava.