Young Struggle activists end three-day solidarity hunger strike

The hunger strike started by socialist youth from Young Struggle on 24 January will end today.

The hunger strike launched by socialist youth from Young Struggle in Berlin on 24 January in order to support the hunger strike carried out in Turkish and Kurdish prisons against isolation will end today, on the third day of action.

Activists will end their hunger strike with a press conference to be held at the NAV-DEM building.

Young people said that they went on a three-day hunger strike in Berlin to give voice to the struggle against isolation and usurpation of the rights of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and the prisoners in the Turkish state’s jails.

On Thursday afternoon, the young socialists visited the ATIF association, which is affiliated with the Confederation of Turkish Workers in Germany, and talked with the members of the association.

A panel was held in the evening to discuss the prison policy followed by the Turkish state since its establishment, the pressures on prisoners, and the massacres carried out in prisons.

The activists talked about the heavy isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan, the hunger strikes that have been going on in prisons since 27 November, and the solidarity hunger strikes that have been going on in many cities inside and outside of Turkey.

A participant who was imprisoned between 1996 and 2011 and took part in the 1996 death fast resistance talked about that process and the resistance developed at the time.