YPG: Liberation of Raqqa has triggered a domino effect

One year after the liberation of Raqqa from the ISIS occupation, the YPG General Command said: "This liberation offensive triggered a domino effect in the people's resistance struggle."

The General Command of the People's Defense Units (YPG) issued a written statement on the liberation of Raqqa city from ISIS rule under the lead of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), YPG and YPJ (Women’s Defense Units).

The statement said the following:

"We congratulate the first anniversary of liberation of Raqqa for especially the people of Rojava and northern Syria, and the entire humanity. We commemorate the martyrs who made the offensive on Raqqa possible. This historic offensive was led by the SDF, YPG and YPJ. The city of Raqqa, declared capital of its caliphate by the ISIS, was liberated step by step at the cost of a high price. With this resistance struggle, the most reactionary mentality in history was defeated.

In 2014, ISIS occupied areas in Rojava, Syria and Iraq and committed the most gruesome crimes against innocent civilians. Supported by the Turkish state and other international forces, ISIS tried to establish itself permanently in the region. Various forces tried to use the existence of ISIS to secure a strong position in strategic areas of Syria and Iraq and to become the ruling power in the Middle East. In that sense, the liberation of Raqqa was not only a blow against the structures of the ISIS, but also against the forces that supported the ISIS and sought to profit from its existence.

The liberation of Raqqa has triggered a domino effect in the people's resistance struggle not only in the region but also on an international level. The YPJ and the Women's Units of Shengal (YJS) played a decisive role in this offensive. The goal of the offensive was achieved with the liberation of the people of Raqqa and especially of the kidnapped Yazidis.

With the liberation of Raqqa, the political balance in the region suddenly changed. The defeat of ISIS led to new plans of attack against the Kurdish achievements in the region. One day before the liberation of Raqqa, the Iraqi central government regained control over Kirkuk and other areas. The Turkish state, which tried to occupy Rojava for years through the jihadists, attacked itself and thus revealed his occupation plans in 2018. The occupation of Afrin and the intention to invade more areas in Rojava are directly related to the liberation of Raqqa.

The liberation offensive on Raqqa revealed a spirit of breakthrough to establish peace and revival in the entire region. We salute all the forces that participated in this resistance struggle, and once again commemorate our martyrs, who have contributed to the struggle to save humanity."