YPS claims responsibility for actions in 3 cities

YPS Martyr Zeryan Marine Revenge Unit members carried out actions in Şırnak, Urfa and Aydın against the collaborators of the AKP-MHP government.

YPS (Civil Defense Units) Martyr Zeryan Marine Revenge Unit carried out actions against collaborators of the AKP in Şırnak, Urfa and Aydın within the scope of the "revenge initiatives against agent-collaborators".

The YPS statement said: "On the afternoon of 21 May our units carried out an action targeting Şok market, which belongs to collaborators in the Cumhuriyet district of Şırnak, and hit Selahattin Kılıç, who has been cooperating with the occupying Turkish state for 30 years. 

On the night of 20 May, our unit members carried out a sabotage action against the AKP fascists' workplace in the neighborhood Ramazan Pasha in Efeler, Aydın. As a result of the action, the workplace was completely destroyed.

On 19 May, our unit members set fire to wheat fields of TIGEM (General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises) linked to the invading Turkish state in Ceylanpinar, in Urfa, in retaliation for the burning of wheat fields in Rojava. In the action, large wheat land belonging to TİGEM were destroyed."