150,000 USD ransom asked for civilian abducted in Afrin

Turkish army and their allied gangs have abducted over 300 civilians in the last three weeks.

Inhumane attacks against the citizens continue in Turkish state-occupied Afrin. According to the Human Rights Organization’s data, some 5 thousand people have been abducted by Turkish soldiers and their allied gangs, and the fate of 2 thousand of them is unknown. The occupation forces demand high ransoms from families to release the civilians they abducted.

Afrin Human Rights Organization Official Spokesperson Ibrahim Shexo said the abducted civilians were subjected to physical and psychological torture and are held for ransom.

Terrorists from the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad Brigade have abducted a civilian in the village of Marsewa in Afrin’s Shera district. The civilian, named Azad Mihemed Şêxo, was abducted on July 27 and the terrorists have reportedly asked for 150,000 USD ransom from his family in order to release him.