“Autonomous Administration must be included in talks for solution”

Syrian opposition politician and lawyer Luqman Iyana stressed that the Autonomous Administration is an exemplary system for the reconstruction of Syria and that it must be included in talks for a solution in Syria.

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) has taken a new step with democratic opposition forces to hold a national congress on the solution to the crisis in Syria. MSD organized workshops abroad to share views and goals for the solution to the chaos in Syria.


Opposition politician and lawyer Luqman Iyana attended one of the workshops in Vienna on July 12-13. Iyana said the Autonomous Administration’s system is the best exemplary system among all projects developed for the solution in Syria.

Iyana said the Vienna workshop was successful: “Participants got to know the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria closely. The baseless allegations against the administration were clarified. MSD should hold workshops with democratic opposition forces in other European countries too, in order to develop a solution via internal dialogue in Syria.”


Iyana pointed out that the Syrian people haven’t been able to develop their own solution because of foreign attacks and interventions: “The military solution did not provide results, and the people of Syria were pushed into a dark tunnel. The people of Syria must solve the chaos together. The true owners of these lands are the ancient people of Syria, and they can be a force to reckon with following the interests of the people together and not foreign powers.”

Iyana said the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is one of the best examples for the solution to the Syrian crisis: “The Autonomous Administration must take an active part in the solution talks for the crisis in Syria. The exclusion of Autonomous Administration is unacceptable.”