Committee to unite Kurdish political parties formed in Rojava

KNK Rojava branch established a committee to unite all Kurdish political parties against the threats of occupation against North and East Syria.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) branch in Rojava held a meeting at the headquarters of Diplomatic Relations in the city of Qamishlo in order to discuss methods to achieve Kurdish national unity in the region and common stance to be adopted in the face of threats of occupation against North and East Syria.

The meeting, which was attended by most members of the KNK branch in Rojava, addressed the threats faced by the Kurdish people, particularly the continuing Turkish threats against northern Syria. The meeting also stressed the need to ‘discard narrow partisan differences’ and focus on ‘forming a unified Kurdish strategy.’

During the meeting, some members presented a proposal to form a committee ‘to coordinate with all the Kurdish parties in Rojava unconditionally’. The proposal was approved and a committee composed of a member of the Derik Council, Sheikh Sinan Ahmed, president of the Union of Kurdish Writers in Syria, Dilawer Zanki, member of the administrative board of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, and lecturers from Rojava University Suleiman Elias and Daria Ramadan.

"The main objective of the KNK initiative is to unite the Kurdish political community in the region to confront the dangers facing the Kurdish people," Dr. Abdul Karim Omar told Hawar News Agency.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the Coordination Committee for the Kurdish parties in Rojava and northern Syria will issue a public statement today.