Cultivated lands protected by HPC

HPC has increased patrols and the number of checkpoints against the suspicious fires that have been breaking out in cultivated lands recently.

Social Defense Forces (HPC) has increased security precautions against fires that have broken out in cultivated lands in the Zirgan town in Serekaniye in recent days. The HPC was founded in 2018 with hundreds of volunteers from the Zirgan region and plays an important role in the security of the region alongside the HPC, Asayish, YPG and YPJ forces.

HPC Administrator Ferhad Mehmud Resho pointed to the suspicious fires that started with the harvest season and said the HPC has taken on the duty to protect the property of the people. Resho said they set up new checkpoints together with Asayish forces and that they increased their patrols. The HPC has also formed units with 4 members to aid the firefighter units if fires break out. Resho said they set up new units to patrol the cultivated lands and added that they will protect the fields the people have worked hard in.

HPC Members Ibrahim Ehmed Xedban and Meryem Qasim said they are on watch 24/7 against any fires that may break out in the fields. Mihemed Ebdulreham Miewef said they joined the HPC because they were doing humanitarian work.

HPC members called on the people to act in coordination with security forces in case of any possible fires.