Families of 5 mercenaries from Turkey reach SDF territory

SDF fighters continue to rescue civilians in the Operation Cizire Storm, and have taken a large group of civilians including 5 families from Turkey to safe areas.

The final phase in the Operation Cizire Storm Battle to End Terror continues with SDF fighters advancing in the last piece of territory ISIS mercenaries hold, as the fighters also continue to rescue civilians ISIS mercenaries use as human shields.

Today the SDF fighters removed 5 families from Turkey from the ISIS occupied territory. According to ANHA reporters, the women and children from Turkey have been in ISIS since 2014 and the husbands in the families were killed in Northern and Eastern Syria in clashes against the SDF.

The families are from Konya, Ankara and Izmir. Names of some of the mercenaries’ wives are Fidan Muhtar, Ozlem Kemelli, Dilek Buyuksarioglu and Berna Turkkorkmaz.

The women's mercenary husbands are also from Turkey and have been killed in clashes in Northern and Eastern Syria.