Human shield action in Serêkaniyê reached day 19

People of Northern Syria continue their protests against the occupation threats of the Turkish state.

People in Serêkaniyê have begun a human shield action on 18 December. They are protesting against the threats issued by the Turkish government to occupy North and East Syria.

Hundreds of people from the region go the human shield tent to visit the activists every day. Likewise, members of the civil institutions and political parties are also paying solidarity visits. On Saturday it was the turn of administrators from Hesekê and Qamishlo canton councils.

Several citizens from Qamishlo visited the tent, while people from the eastern districts of Qamishlo also joined the action.

Speaking at the event, Kongreya Star executive Shah Xelil and Qamishlo eastern districts executive Fewaz Xelil stressed that the entire region will continue to fight until the occupied lands are liberated.

The speakers also pointed out that the occupiers won’t be able to break the resistance and determination of the people. “We will continue our action against the attacks of the enemies who want to occupy our lands”, confirmed the political representatives.