KJK: Kobanê is a heroic page in Kurdish history

The KJK called on the Kurdish people and all the oppressed, especially women, to celebrate and organise actions on 1 November.

Kobanê is one of the most honorable and heroic pages written by the Kurdish people to be added to their history of resistance, said the Kurdistan Women's Community (KJK) in a written message.

The statement, released to mark World Kobanê Day, on 1 November, said: "The attack by DAESH launched on 15 September 2014 against Kobanê has gone down in history as a genocide and massacre carried out with the support of the Turkish government under President Erdogan".

The men and women, sons and daughters of the Kurdish people, continued the statement "raised the bar of resistance with the support of their internationalist comrades. We commemorate all the Kobanê martyrs with respect. Comrades like Arin, Revan, Gelhat, Paramaz, Destina and Zozan wrote unforgettable pages in the history of resistance of the city".

Assessing the Kobanê resistance as one of the most epic struggles in history, the KJK said: “It has been acknowledged that this resistance has been one of the achievements that saved the dignity of human history. It was compared to the battle of Stalingrad".

The message continued: "It was more than four months of resistance which also saw the important contribution of people from Northern Kurdistan, with the uprising of 6-8 October. The resistance and struggle in Kobanê also witnessed the strongest development of both the national unity of the Kurdish people and the internationalist solidarity".

1 November, World Kobanê Day, said the statement "is a reality that has been woven with the leadership of women's resistance and feminism. Revan and Arin Mirkan actions are the reality and symbol of the revolution in Rojava carried out with the leadership of women".

The KJK called on the Kurdish people and all the oppressed, especially women, to celebrate and organise actions on 1 November.

The KJK statement then reminded how in fact Kobanê was the "greatest defeat for Turkish President Erdoğan who kept repeating 'Kobanê is about to fall'. Erdoğan-Bahçeli fascism has been carrying out a non-stop policy for four years against Kurds in Rojava which has led to the invasion of Afrin. Erdoğan himself is the head of the massacres, rape and extortion policies carried out in Afrin".

Ending its statement, the KJK called on "all people, especially Kurds and women to stand up once again on 1 November to reclaim the victorious resistance in Kobanê. “Let us believe in ourselves, trust and organize on this basis, let's take action”, added the KJK statement.