Kurdish political parties in Northern Syria call for unity

Kurdish political parties in Northern Syria issued a statement about the Turkish threats to occupy their territory and called for people to be united.

Responding to an invitation by Partiya Pêşverû ya Demokratîk a Kurd li Sûriyê (Kurdish Progressive and Democratic Party of Syria), nine Kurdish political parties gathered at the party’s building in Qamishlo, to discuss the threats issued by Turkey to occupy the Northern Syria territory and how to responds to such threats.

After the meeting, the parties shared a joint statement.

The statement stated that the threats issued by the Turkish state pose a great danger on the existence of the Kurdish people. The statement recalled the invasion of Afrin and how the Turkish state and its mercenary allies destroyed the city and massacred its people, plundering properties and houses and trying to impose a change in the demographic structure of the area. The parties said that the repetition of such a situation should be avoided at all costs. 

The statement pointed out to the need of unity among Kurds and found it very important for all parties to have come together and decided to create a delegation to visit all parties.

The statement also underlined how the threats issued by the Turkish state deepen the Syrian crisis and prevent a political solution.

The nine parties called on the UN, international institutions and organizations to take a clear position against the threats to invade Syria issued by Turkish President Erdoğan.

The parties that issued the statement are the following: Hevalbendiya Niştîmanî or Kurd li Sûriyê, Yekîtiya Lîberal a Kurdistanê, Partiya Çep a Kurd li Sûriyê, Partiya Komunist a Kurdistanê, Partiya Aştiya Demokratîk a Kurdistanê, Partiya Azadi or Kurdistanê, Partiya Nışîmanî or Kurdistanê, Partiya Azadî or Kurdistanê The Secretariat, the Partiya Pêşverû a Demokratîk a Kurd li Sûriyê.