“Little Sara is a victim of the international community silence”

Evîn Cuma called on the international community, the law organizations and the Syrian regime to stand up against the attacks of the Turkish state.

Since 28 October, the occupying Turkish army has been attacking the territories of Northern and Eastern Syria.

As a result of Thursday attacks in Girê Spî, a little girl, 12 years old Sara, was martyred.

Talking to ANHA about the attacks, Cizire Region Human Rights Organization co-chair, Evîn Cuma, said that Turkish attacks are a clear violation of human rights. These attacks, Cuma, added, are violating another country's sovereignty as well as targeting civilians living in villages on the border. These attacks, Cuma recalled, have been going on since 2014, as the Turkish state never stopped them.

Evîn Cuma stated that the occupying Turkish army has invaded many cities in Syria together with mercenary groups.

The occupying Turkish army has increased its attacks against the people of Northern Syria in recent days.

Nine civilians, including children, lost their lives in the last 2 months as a result of the fire opened by Turkish soldiers.

Evîn talked about the martyrdom of 12-year-old Sara Mustafa, in an attack on the Turkish army against Til Findir village in Girê Spî. "The invading Turkish army violated all international law and human rights in its attacks against the people of Northern Syria. The Turkish state, which does not respect international agreements, is attacking civilians with banned weapons".

Calling on the international community, law organizations, and the Syrian regime to break their silence, Cuma continued: "All countries, especially the Syrian regime, must fulfill their moral duties and protect civilians, especially women and children".

Pointing out that the Syrian regime's silence on the attacks carried out by the Turkish state makes it a partner in the attacks, the Co-Chair of the Human Rights Organization Cizire region, said that the attacks of the Turkish state "are actually war crimes and sanctions should be imposed".