Manbij Health Committee: 13 people died in the suicide attack

According to local authorities, 13 people including 3 US soldiers died in Wednesday’s suicide attack in Manbij.

Manbij Health Council released a statement about the suicide attack that was carried out in front of the Qeser Al Umaraa restaurant on the Sindis street in Manbij city center Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Council, the attack left 13 people dead, including three US soldiers and two fighters of the Manbij Military Council, while many other people were wounded.

The dead and wounded US soldiers were retrieved from the scene by US military helicopters and taken to hospital.

The civilians killed or wounded in the attack were also taken to various hospitals in the city.

Manbij Health Council Committee official Ehmed Hito stated that 13 people died as a result of the suicide attack, among them three US soldiers and two fighters, while 18 other people got wounded. Hito said 5 of those injured are in critical conditions.

In the meantime, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.