Martyrs’ families against Turkish occupation

Martyr’s families reiterated their stance against the occupation threats issued by the Turkish state.

Dozens of martyrs’ families gathered in front of the Martyr Families' Council building in the town of Kisra in Deir ez-Zor and held a press conference to condemn the occupation threats of Northern and Eastern Syria regions by the Turkish state.

“On behalf of the martyrs’ families we condemn the intervention of the occupying Turkish state against Syrian territory. Turkey's goal is to liquidate the achievements reached with the blood of the martyrs.”

The statement added: “As martyrs’ families, we are ready to give martyrs once again to defend the country from invaders and terrorist organizations. We will stand against the Turkish occupation with the slogan of resistance and unity.”

The statement ended with the following words: “We have given thousands of martyrs to defend the country and we are ready to do it again. We won’t accept external intervention. The peoples living in the region must stand up together against the occupation.”