Occupation forces abducted many civilians in Afrin

The persecution of civilians in the occupied Afrin territory continues.

The Turkish state and allied mercenaries continue their inhuman acts in Afrin region which remains under their occupation. Thousands of civilians have been kidnapped and tortured since the occupation first started, while the whereabouts of hundreds of these remain unknown.

According to local sources in Afrin, dozens of civilians have been abducted in the past three days. The mercenaries are reportedly detaining civilians for various reasons, torturing them and exerting pressure on the local people to leave their houses.

Names of some of the civilians abducted from villages in Afrin’s Mabata district are as follows;

Gobek village; Zekeriya Nebi Şahin (47), Ednan Kemal Mıstefa (40), Nihat Mihemmed Mistefa (35), Fexri Sileman Hemo (30), İbrahim İbrahim Hemo (35), Reşid Hikmet Hemo (25), Mihemmed Resul İbrahim (40), Xebat Mistefa Şahin(30)

Avraz village; Mihyedin Misfeta Qere (35), Emin Mehmo Xelof (40), Mehmud Mehmo Xelof (32), Salih Mehmo Xelof (37)

Şexkêlê village; Mistefa Eşref Hemoş (40), İbrahim Ebdo Hemoş (40).

On the other hand, civilian Şêrhat Dayan Oso who was kidnapped from the village of Gundê Jarê in Afrin’s Bilbile district, was reportedly tortured to death by the Turkish-backed mercenaries.