One month balance sheet of the Operation Cizire Storm

651 ISIS members have been killed in the ongoing Operation Cizire Storm launched by SDF to the east of the Euphrates one month ago.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Office released the balance sheet in the "battle to defeat terrorism" for the past one month.


Full text of the SDF statement is as follows:

"Within the framework of the "battle to defeat terrorism", in the last phase of the campaign "Operation Cizire Storm" to eliminate the last remnants of the " Daesh terrorist" in the eastern areas of the Euphrates adjacent to the Iraqi border, SDF are supported by air and ground support by the coalition Forces.

Since the 10th of September, fierce battles were waged against the terrorists to liberate the remaining areas of Hajin, AL Sussa and Al-Shaffa and its environs in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

In this context, our forces have been able to achieve great victories during the period from September 11 to October 10, liberating large areas, killing hundreds of "Daesh" terrorists, destroying and appropriating large quantities of weapons and ammunition, and have been able to thwart a number of suicide attacks carried out by terrorists.

The result of the engagements between SDF fighters and the "Daesh" terrorists, within a month of the start of the "battle to defeat terrorism" as follows:

Our forces entered 58 times in direct engagements with Daesh terrorists. The coalition carried out 215 air strikes and 17 artillery strikes. Our forces managed to confirm the killing of 651 terrorists, 17 of whom were buried by our fighters according to customs and traditions.

Dozens of bodies still dumped in between the orchards and the areas of engagement could not be recovered by our forces because of the abundance of mines. 6 terrorists were arrested and our forces managed to liberate an area of 40 kilometers. Our forces established 370 new points, and managed to liberate the villages of "Al-Bagouz, Shuja and strategic Mozan village.

In the midst of the battles with the terrorists, our forces have seized large quantities of weapons and ammunition.

Our forces also destroyed a large number of ISIS weapons and devices, as well a large quantity of ammunition, a number of ammunition depots and stores, and headquarters and gathering points of Daesh.

During the course of the combat operations, the terrorists of Daesh attempted to obstruct the advance of our forces by using booby-traps and suicide bombers at times, and by sealing the areas from which they were going out.

The terrorists carried out 37 attacks against our positions and groupings, including 22 car bombs and 6 motorcycles bombs and 7 suicide attacks. Our fighters were able to dismantle, neutralize and detonate 246 mines planted by "Daesh" terrorists to disrupt our forces.

Our forces also liberated hundreds of civilians, mostly children and women, and transferred them to the camp, which was built to receive them and provide services and immediate assistance to them. Special units of our forces were also able to free two Yazidis abductees from Shengal by a special operation, namely the girl (Enas Rasho), 12 years old, from the town of Khan Sur, and Malko Khader Koti, 40 years old, from Kuju village.

37 of our fighters rose to the rank of martyrs during heroic battles, while a number of others got wounded.”