People of Bab take to the streets against invasion

The people of Bab took to the streets once again against the Turkish state invasion.

The people in Turkish state occupied Bab city took to the streets against the invaders.

The people whose homes in the Shex Eqil Mountain were demolished to make way for a military base for the invaders held their second march, holding photographs of their demolished homes.

In the Shex Eqil Mountain, there were 150 homes, a public hospital, an elementary school, a mosque and a cistern that provided water for all of Bab. Homes were demolished to make way for military bases after the Turkish state invaded the city. There is a water shortage as the cistern was damaged. There are frequent explosions in the city as well as increased criminal activity in abductions, ransoms and robberies similar to all the occupied territories.

The people of the region took to the streets on Tuesday to protest the invaders and demand they leave the city, and they held another march today with the same demands.

The protesters chanted, “Erdogan hear us, your army are tyrants” and “Shex Eqil belongs to us”.