People of Sherawa resist attacks

Turkish troops and allied gangs have increased their attacks against the villages of Afrin’s Sherawa district since March. People have died and were wounded in mortar fire against civilians, but people stress that they will resist until Afrin is liberated

A 16 year old boy named Ibtisam Ehmed was killed in the mortar fire by the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs in the Tinib village of Afrin’s Sherawa district. His sisters Xifran (14) and Fatma (17), as well as their mother Diya al Arac (42) were wounded in the same attack.

Invaders positioned in the Cilbire, Basil and Kimare villages have carried out attacks against Soxineke, Aqibe, Ziyarete, Tinib and Kestare villages with heavy weapons and mortars in the last month.

Civilians were murdered in the attacks and dozens were wounded. Large scale material damage occurred in the settlements as well.

The gangs also tore down 30 houses in the Cilbire village on Saturday, tearing civilians’ homes into ruins.

Footage taken from the villages hit by mortar shells show the extent of the destruction.

Villagers remain in their lands and continue to resist.

Curi Berekat from the Soxineke village said: “The gangs allied with the invading Turkish state in Kimar, Cilbir and Basil villages targeted dozens of homes in the villages with mortars. This attack proves that the Turkish invaders want to tear down villages and change the demographic makeup.

There is nobody but civilians in the village. So why mortars? Invaders should know that we don’t fear their attacks or their artillery. We won’t leave our lands, we will resist. Erdogan shouldn’t think we fear his army, his gangs or his dirty politics. We resist, with our head held high.”

Eyse Mele (55), who is from the Siye district but lives in the Soxineke village of Sherawa, said: “The invaders attack every day with their artillery. We do not fear them. We will remain on our lands with our will until Afrin is freed from the invasion.”