Qamishlo Military Council founded

Military forces announced the establishment of a Military Council in Qamishlo.

Qamishlo Military Forces declared the establishment of Qamishlo Military Council during a ceremony held in Martyr Delil Saruxan Cemetery of Martyrs.

The ceremony was attended by members of the Martyrs’ Families Institution, Military Forces, Autonomous Administration representatives, notables and civilian population.

Speaking here, Qamishlo Military Council Co-president Piling Qamişlo pointed out that the fight against ISIS has reached a new phase following the military defeat of the terrorist organization. Piling Qamişlo said that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have entered a new period of organization in such an important process.

Speaking about the duties of regional military councils, Piling Qamişlo stated that the basic mission of the councils was to protect the region against terrorist elements, to help the people and ensure their security.

Speaking after, Qamishlo Canton Co-president Talat Yunus wished the fighters success and expressed his belief that the achievements of the people would be protected in line with the promises they had made to the people and to the martyrs.

Noting that they aim for a democratic Syria, Yunus underlined the need for military councils to maintain the security of the region.