TEV-DEM to teach people to the democratic society

The newly elected co-chair, Zelal Ceger, identified new role and mission of TEV-DEM after the institution Congress.

Now the task of TEV-DEM (Democratic Society Movement) is to train the people to the democratic society, said Ceger, to contribute to self-government, to supervise the democratic functioning of the system and to play a role as a solution force where there is a problem and a solution is necessary.

Zelal Ceger, who was elected co-chair of the Executive Council at the 3rd Congress of TEV-DEM, has spoken to ANF about the change in mission decided in this congress and the role of TEV-DEM up to now.

Co-chair Ceger said that the struggle in Rojava, the level of success and organization achieved by the revolution makes it necessary to change the mission of TEV-DEM. 

"Now we consider TEV-DEM as a source for people to be educated on the basis of democratic national mentality. 

We will reinforce these people so they can be representatives of democratic autonomous governments and institutions”, she said.

TEV-DEM, said Ceger, was the source in the establishing a new system or democratic nation system against power and nation-state systems, "the work has been carried out for it".

Ceger also pointed out that a mission change was carried out with the 3rd TEV-DEM Congress.

"The stage reached by our struggle - she said - and the level of success we have achieved in our revolution, the power we have created, the organizations we have formed now will have to deal with the mission of TEV-DEM differently. 

We now consider TEV-DEM as a source of people trained on the basis of democratic national mentality.