"The political solution depends on complete termination of ISIS"

MSD Co-chair Umer pointed out that the termination of ISIS is possible through 3 stages. She stressed that the political solution depends on the complete termination of ISIS and pointed out that the Autonomous Administration is a part of the solution.

It is only a matter of time before the absolute termination of ISIS in the military sense. Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair Emine Umer spoke to ANHA about the matter and the importance of the impact the physical end of ISIS will have on the political solution in Syria.

Umer said the absolute termination of ISIS will develop in 3 stages, with first ending the geographical and military presence of ISIS, and continued: “Another stage is to eliminate the sleeper cells ISIS has in the region. And that requires support from international powers, because the gangs’ cell structure is more dangerous than their military structure.”

Umer stated that ISIS must also be eliminated as a mindset in the region and that this is only possible through education, adding that there is a need for civilian organizations to work on raising awareness.

Emine Umer also spoke about the impact the end of ISIS will have on the political solution in Syria and stressed that the political process and solution depend on the military elimination of ISIS. Umer continued: “Countries involved in the current situation in Syria believe the political process is tied to the elimination of ISIS. But because ISIS hasn’t been completely eliminated yet, we can’t say that the political solution process has started.”

Umer pointed out that summits on Syria like Astana and Sochi haven’t resulted in any solution, and continued: “There is conflict among states. All parties have their own views and lines. There is no agreement among states for the political process yet. And there hasn’t been an agreement reached on the formation of a constitutional committee either.”

Emine Umer stated that the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) and the Autonomous Administration are part of the solution to the Syrian crisis: “We need to be present at all stages of the political process. We need to have representatives in the constitutional committee to be formed this year in particular.”