Turkey continues to relocate mercenaries in Afrin

Mercenaries and their families are being taken from Idlib to Turkey-occupied Afrin.

While the residents of the city are forced to migrate because of the violence, attacks and massacres carried out by the Turkish state and its mercenary allies, mercenaries are brought from Idlib. 

According to ANHA, the Turkish state has resettled thousands of mercenaries and their families from Idlib to Afrin and its surrounding villages.

The families of the mercenaries have been relocated in the villages of Dêr Belût, Mela Xelîl and Hemam in the province of Cindiresê, in the the villages of Senarê, Anqelê, Qermîtliq, Çeqela, Xelîl and Meimila in the province of Şiyê, in the villages of Qurnê, Elî Jaro and Qestela Xidriya in the province of Bilbilê. 

A large number of mercenary families were also settled in the villages of Erebcime, Erebwêran and Dîkmetaş. On the other hand, mercenaries are being relocated in Bilbilê.

Many residents of Afrin kidnapped and killed

There are no news of Elî Betal Zekî (38) who was kidnapped on his way to the vegetable market from his home in the village of Basûtê on 9 June. Likewise,  Mihemed, son of Reşid Hemid Xelil, who was killed by the invaders, Şerefedîn Seydo and Îbrahim Mihemed Xelîl Ebdo have also been kidnapped.

The mercenaries also kidnapped Xelîl Mistefa (45), who was the mukhtar of the village of Keferdelê in the province of Cindiresê a week ago, Zekeriya Hesen Mistefa, Ebdo Mihemed Xilo and Mihemed Henan Elo from the village of Senarê in Şiyê; Elî Mihemed Henîf, Fîras Henan Ezet and Mistefa Şukrî Yûsiv from the village of Erebo in Mabeta.

The mercenaries also seized the shop and house of Mihemed Ednan in Afrin city centre. 

The Turkish occupying state, on the other hand, constantly violates international law by arresting and judging citizens of another country. According to local sources, the Turkish court sentenced Kemîran Xilo Elî (28) to 4 years of imprisonment in the village of Celemê in Cindirêsê.