"Turkey’s presence in Syria more dangerous than ISIS"

Emced Osman stressed that the Turkish state’s presence in Syria is more dangerous than ISIS and said, “International forces should take a clear stand against the Turkish state and their gangs’ presence in Northern and Eastern Syria.”

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Spokesperson Emced Osman spoke to ANHA and said, “In order to protect the gains achieved in Northern and Eastern Syria, international forces must support this region,” and continued to make important analyses.

Emced Osman said the SDF achieved a historic victory and continued: “The defeat of ISIS is a great victory. Turkey and several others continue to threaten these gains, and want the SDF victories gone. These gains must be politically protected. The victories achieved by the SDF should serve the solution to issues in Syria. The solution to the current crisis in Syria can’t succeed without representatives from Northern and Eastern Syria. There have been many meetings and summits on the crisis, but none of them achieved results because representatives of the region were not included. If they continue to disregard the will of the people of the region, issues in Syria will only grow.”


Osman said many countries have celebrated the SDF’s victory against ISIS but some authorities like the Syrian regime haven’t reacted at all. Stating that the defeat of ISIS is a victory for Syria in general, Osman continued: “The force that ended ISIS was the SDF. All countries should see this success. This day, this victory was achieved with 11.000 martyrs. Nobody should look down on that. The will of the people and the gains achieved by the SDF must also take their place in the future. We favor a united and decentralized Syria. The forces that oppose Syria’s unity want a rupture. In any case, we are open to any and all topics of discussion.”


Osman said there is no difference between ISIS gangs and the gangs in Afrin, Bab, Jarablus and Azaz. Osman added: “International powers should put forth a clear stand against the presence of these gangs in the region. The true danger is the powers that support ISIS and other gang groups under different names. If countries like Turkey continue to support the gangs, the possibility will remain that the gangs will re-emerge. Turkey is in control in Jarablus, Afrin and Idlib. In Afrin, there is a genocide in progress in front of the whole world to see. The Turkish state is engaged in openly invasionist policies in the region but unfortunately no global power has put forth any harsh stance against this at all.”


MSD Spokesperson Emced Osman pointed out that there is a great threat against Northern and Eastern Syria and said: “Attacks and threats by the invading Turkish state is a threat for Northern and Eastern Syria, but they are also a threat for the whole world. Like ISIS threatened all countries in various ways, Turkey is threatening all with the policies they implement. Turkey’s threats are more dangerous than ISIS. Their goal is to invade the Northern and Eastern Syria region and invade all of the Middle East. To stop that, international powers should support the defense of Northern and Eastern Syria.”