“What Öcalan said before comes true now”

Recep Mustafa, one of the activists demanding freedom for Öcalan in Aleppo, and who himself met the Kurdish leader in 80’s, stated that all Öcalan said before is coming true now.

Women’s movement Kongreya Star led an action demanding freedom for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo. The activists, who highlighted their demand at a tent set up in the neighborhood, included Recep Mustafa who met Öcalan in 80’s.

70 years old Recep Mustafa is the father of YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) fighter Avrîn Mahsum who fell in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin, and YPG fighter Mahsum who fell a martyr in a clash with terrorists in Gire Spi.

Mustafa met Öcalan in Damascus in 80’s and was very much impressed by him.

“By imprisoning Öcalan, they aim to move people away from his ideas”, he says and continues;

“When we met, he told me about the war we are being through at the moment and about the Middle East becoming a center of crisis. What he talked about back then is coming true today.”

Stressing that Öcalan has always fought for the freedom of Middle Eastern peoples, Mustafa added; “Öcalan said back then that people, young and old alike, must take up arms and defend their lands. This is what is happening in Rojava and Northern Syria today.”

Highlighting the importance Öcalan attaches to women’s freedom, Mustafa continued; “The Rojava-Northern Syria Revolution is proving what he said because women have the leading role in this revolution.”

Remarking that Öcalan is giving a struggle to stop the bloodshed, Recep Mustafa said Öcalan’s freedom means Kurdish people’s and women’s freedom.