“Worldwide silence on Kurds who defended the world from DAESH”

“We must support Leyla Güven, we must act with the spirit of Leyla Güven and with the work of Leader Apo.”

PYD (Democratic Union Party) Kobanê Canton executive member Eyşe Efendi spoke to ANF about the Kurdish hunger strike resistance demanding the end of the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

“The spirit of resistance lived in Amed prison [in the -80s] - said Efendi - is being relived today with the hunger strike against isolation. They are putting their bodies at stake and risk death every second. We salute this resistance with all our heart.”

Efendi reacted to the silence of the world public opinion on the situation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and about activists on hunger strike, saying: “We condemn the conscienceless attitude of the world, it is a great shame and hypocrisy. Kurds have defended the world from DAESH for the past 7 years. Yet, so far, the world is silent about the hunger strike. We condemn especially institutions such as the CPT (the Committee for the Prevention of Torture), that see themselves as independent but clearly we can see that they are under the influence of DAESH and the Turkish state.”

The world got to know Kurdish women

Efendi added: “Such a struggle has not been written in any war, nor shown in any iflm. People are putting their body at risk to fight isolation.”

Emphasizing that Kurds should believe in their own struggle, Eyşe Efendi added: “Everytime the US and other states put something on Kurds, but the Kurdish people should know that the states always want to use the Kurds for their own interests, so the Kurds should trust only themselves and their struggle.”

Efendi continued: “We must support Leyla Güven, we must act with the spirit of Leyla Güven and with the work of Leader Apo. We decided in Kobanê as mothers of martyrs, that we will succeed. As a mother from South Kurdistan said, ‘I am Kurd, I am honorable and do not run away’.  As a woman from Afrin similarly said, ‘I can live without a child but I cannot live without my land’. Those mothers who sacrificed their children for their country. Not because of the decision of governments and politicians. That is how the Kurdish woman got herself known to the world.”

Implementing the Rojava Democratic Nation Project

Stating that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and DAESH are against humanity, Efendi continued: “Fascist Erdoğan and DAESH are against the project envisaged by Öcalan. Erdoğan and his terrorists have worked for 10 years trying to end Kurds. They attacked Afrin with 72 warplanes in one hour. After the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish army, they decided to go to Kobanê, Girê Spî, Jazira and Iraq borders. I believe that as they lost the international conspiracy against Leader Öcalan, they will also lose the conspiracy against Afrin and Northern Syria.

Today, Turkey, Iran, Russia, the United States and Syria are following the resistance of the Kurdish people.”

Eyşe Efendi added that DAESH has been defeated but did not end, and added: "The project we are implementing today is a democratic nation project. We will declare the defeat of DAESH in a few days. But we know that DAESH mercenaries have taken shelter in many states and have regrouped in various regions, with their center being the Libyan state. Our call is to all Kurds and especially women in Rojava, to lead and continue implementing the democratic nation project. We promise Öcalan that we will introduce his ideology and philosophy everywhere we can. We will continue to follow in the footsteps of our children and fighters”.