Young People in Raqqa joined training courses

New training programs have kicked off in Raqqa to create awareness among young people.

The Youth Science and Education Institute was established on 16 September 2017 in the village of Hikumiyê in order to improve the education of young people in the construction of democratic and free society.

Since its establishment, the Institute has provided training to 200 young people in five different training programs. A few days ago, the sixth training course opened and saw the participation of 37 young people.

The program will be attended by 13 young women out of a total of 37 young people and will last 40 days. 

Within the scope of the training program, there will be computer and camera classes as well as cultural, social and theory classes.

The classes begin at 6 am with sport. After breakfast, the young people will take classes from 8 am to 4 pm. 

At the end of the daily classes there are discussions and meetings on different topics. 

Seminars and documentaries are offered in the evening.

Rîhab Remadan El-Şîxan, one of the young student at the Institute, talked to ANHA about the experience: “I participate in training programs to strengthen my consciousness and to play my role more actively in society. In this way I found my own way in the struggle for women freedom”. 

Ehmed Osman, one of the administrators of the institute, said: “Our aim in education is to raise awareness among young people. Because young people are the basis of a free and democratic Syria. Young people should be involved in such trainings for the construction of the new Syria”.