YPG captured 3 foreign ISIS members trying to cross into Turkey

YPG announced the capture of 3 foreign ISIS members trying to cross the border into Turkey.

The Press Office of People’s Defense Units (YPG) released a statement reporting that the SDF campaign in and around the Hajin town continues with great achievements.

The statement said:

“On January 27, three terrorists from Sudan and Tajikistan, named Halid Welid Ahmed, Salih Hıdır Muhammed and Delovar Dodiev Azimovich, who were operating in Shafaa and Hajin regions, were captured by our Special Operations Units as they tried to cross the border into Turkey.

Several foreign terrorists who were captured by YPG/YPJ units as a result of great efforts, were observed to be trying to cross into Turkey. Similarly, the information obtained from captured terrorists reveals that many of them are crossing into the region through Turkey to engage in terrorist activities.

The public opinion will be provided with further information about the captured terrorists.”