14 more civilians injured in ongoing Turkish attacks on northern Syria

The latest Turkish bombings have left 14 more people injured in Til Koçer, Çilaxa, Tirbesiyê, Zirgan and Qamishlo.

The invading Turkish state has today directly targeted civilian settlements and service centres in Til Koçer, Çilaxa, Tirbesiyê, Zirgan and Qamişlo regions of northern Syria.

Three people were injured in the Turkish attack on Til Koçer's Aliaxa village. Two civilians with slight injuries were taken to Derik Hospital, and the other with serious injuries was taken to Qamishlo Hospital.

A gas station was bombed in the Girhok village of Çilaxa district in Qamishlo.

Engineers named Asir Setam and Ebdulkerim Ebdo were injured in the attack and hospitalized in Girkê Legê and Qamishlo.

Three people were injured after a civilian vehicle was targeted by a Turkish bombing in the Meşref village of Qamishlo. The injured were taken to Qamishlo Hospital.

A service vehicle carrying workers was targeted in the south of Tirbespiyê. Ebdurehman al-Ehmed (22), İbrahim al-Mihemed (43), Ebdulmunim Xelife (28) and Ziyad al-Hebîb (35) were injured and were taken to Kurdish Red Crescent Heyva Sor a Kurd center in Tirbespiyê.

Turkish drone attacks injured two people in the Zêdiyê village of Dirbesiyê. Information on the condition of the injured could not be obtained.

According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), at least 84 villages and towns were targeted, and 7 civilians and 2 YAT fighters were martyred in the Turkish attacks on November 22.