16 people abducted in Turkish-occupied Afrin in one week

The occupying Turkish state forces and allied gangs kidnapped 16 people in Afrin in the first week of March.


The occupying Turkish state and its gangs continue to commit crimes against the people of Afrin.

The Crime Documentation Centre yesterday shared a detailed report on the crimes committed in Afrin in March. The report stated that 16 people were kidnapped in Afrin in the first week of March.

The following information was shared in the report:

1 March: Jaysh al-Weteni gangs (Civil Police) raided Bibaka village in Bilbil district and kidnapped Ziyad Sharaf (49), Abdurehman Sharaf (62) and Salan Dilo (58).

In addition, gangs of the same group kidnapped a citizen named Kamîran Dibo Seydo (44) in Hec Hesna village of Jindires.

2 March: Jaysh al-Weteni gangs (Military Police) attacked Emara village in Mabeta district and kidnapped 3 members of the same family, who were identified as Rozalin Kemal Murad, her husband Ebduhenan Mihemed (70) and their son Şerzad Fethi Mihemed.

The gangs of the same group also raided houses in Jindires district and kidnapped residents named Omer Reso (43), Nihad Hesen (37) and Ziyad Reshid Mihemed (48).

3 March: Jaysh al-Weteni gangs raided houses in Mabata district and abducted Farhad Henif Mihemed, Givara Ibrahim Mihemed, Mihemed Ali Hemke Hesen and Mihemed Ridvan Mistefa from Qenter village to an unknown destination.

7 March: Jaysh al-Weteni gangs (Military Police) abducted Ehmed Ibrahim Henan (48) from Badina village of Rajo district and Rizan Şêx Mihemed (36) from Yelanquze village and took them to an unknown place.