33 political parties and organisations: Damascus-Ankara rapprochement will deepen the crisis

Thirty-three political parties and organisations spoke out against the latest rapprochement attempts of the Turkish state and the Damascus government, saying that this step will worsen Syria, legitimise the Turkish occupation and deepen the Syrian crisis.

Thirty-three political parties and organisations in North and East Syria issued a joint statement on the attempts of the Turkish state and the Damascus government to re-establish relations.

The statement released on Thursday includes the following:

"In 2011, the Syrian people rose against the Syrian regime for dignity and freedom. Many countries intervened in Syria affairs, turning their peaceful revolution into a sectarian armed conflict for control of power. At that time, the Turkish regime declared its red lines. However, as events unfolded and armed terrorist groups were defeated against the Syrian regime’s alliance, Erdoğan began to change his rhetoric and moved towards dialogue with the regime, aiming to achieve what he could not through these groups by occupying Syrian regions and annexing them to Turkey. Turkish policy has since been aligned with the Syrian regime to fulfill its ambitions. As it accelerated the reconciliation process and handed over armed terrorist groups to the Damascus government, popular groups in occupied areas rose against Turkish policy, expelled Turkish forces, and closed crossings. Yet, Turkish regime loyalists among the armed terrorist groups, supported by Turkish forces, killed many Syrian civilians.

The so-called 'Syrian National Coalition' has taken it upon itself to defend the Turkish occupation and support the occupier's policies in Northern Syria, at the expense of the people’s demands for freedom and dignity.

We, the undersigned political parties and movements, condemn the Turkish regime’s actions and its loyalists against the demands of patriotic Syrians. We call on the international community and the United Nations to support all the Syrian people's demands for freedom and democracy and to implement Resolution 2254 for solving the Syrian crisis to achieve justice and equality for all Syrian components.

We stress that any reconciliation between the Turkish regime and the Syrian regime will not bring any improvement to the Syrian situation. Instead, it will legitimize the Turkish occupation and further deepen the Syrian crisis. The Syrian people and the Syrian homeland will become victims of this reconciliation policy, legitimizing external interference in Syrian internal affairs.

We call on all democratic political forces, whose hands are not stained with the blood of the Syrian people, to convene a Syrian national conference, starting from North and East Syria, to form a foundational step towards resolving the Syrian crisis through dialogue and creating a force to pressure the regime towards internal Syrian dialogue to resolve the crisis.

We also urge all political forces in NE Syria to open up to internal dialogue to resolve the outstanding issues.

We appeal to our people to rally around their democratic project and military forces, which are the region's safeguard, and recognize that the Autonomous Administration is the hope for all Syrians to resolve the Syrian crisis without further bloodshed.”

The signatories of the statement are as follows:

1-Democratic Union Party (PYD)

2-Democratic Green Party

3- Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

4- Kurdistan Liberal Party

5- Kurdistan Communist Party

6- Kurdistan-Syria Democratic Party

7- Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (PDKS)

8- Syrian Kurdish Democratic Left Party

9- Kurdish Left Party in Syria

10- Future of Syria Party

11- Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

12- Contemporary Kurdistan Party

13- Kurdistan Workers' Union

14- Arab National Council

15- Syrian Contemporary Democratic Party

16- Kurdish Democratic Organisation Party in Syria

17- Reform Party-Syria

18- Syriac Democratic Party

19- Kurdistan Brotherhood Party

20- Kurdish Democratic Day Party in Syria

21- Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM)

22- Kongra Star

23- Conservative Party

24- Free Struggle Party

25- Kurdistan Future Party

26- Kurdistan Democratic Party - Western Kurdistan

27- National Coordination Council-Democratic Change Movement

28- Syriac Unity Party

29- Kurdistan National Unity Party

30- Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (Al-Parti)

31- Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (Yekiti)

32- Revolutionary Left Wing in Syria

33- Syrian Party