4 Turkish soldiers and 8 mercenaries killed in HRE actions

Four soldiers of the Turkish army and eight members of allied mercenaries were killed in the latest HRE actions in North-East Syria.

In a statement on Thursday, the Afrin Liberation Forces (Hezen Rizgariya Efrine-HRE) announced the results of the actions they carried out from May 12 to 17 against the Turkish occupation army and allied mercenaries recruited from ISIS, al-Nusra and other jihadist groups.

Details of the latest HRE actions are as follows:

“One mercenary was killed by an HRE sniper in the village of Til Madiq in Shehba region on May 12.

In the village of Meshale in Afrin’s Shera district, two mercenaries were killed and another wounded on May 13. On the same day, HRE fighters targeted two bases of the Turkish army in the region of al-Bab, killing a Turkish soldier and two mercenaries, and injuring six Turkish soldiers and three mercenaries.

On May 14, one mercenary was killed by an HRE sniper in the Mare region.

On May 16, HRE fighters targeted a base of the Turkish army in al-Bab. Three Turkish soldiers were killed and another four wounded in the action, while three military positions and three containers were destroyed, and two armored vehicles were damaged.

On May 17, two mercenaries were killed and one other injured in Mare.”

HRE concluded that a total of four Turkish soldiers and eight mercenaries were killed, while ten soldiers and five mercenaries were injured in their actions from May 12 to 17.