85 ISIS members arrested in Hol Camp

Internal Security Forces announced that in the third phase of the Operation Humanity and Security in Hol Camp, 85 ISIS members were arrested, and many weapons and ammunition were seized.

The Internal Security Forces in North and East Syria Region launched the third phase of ‘Operation Humanity and Security’ in the Hol (al-Hawl) Camp in Hesekê on January 27. The campaign seeks to pursue ISIS terrorist cells, eliminate their strongholds, and capture individuals and collaborators involved in terrorist activities, attacks and spreading extremist ideologies, especially among children. The operation is also participated by the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the international coalition against ISIS.

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces in North and East Syria announced the balance sheet of the third phase of Operation Humanity and Security in a press conference in Hol camp on Tuesday.

According to the statement, 85 ISIS members were arrested, including the ringleader directly responsible for spreading extremist ideas, issuing fatwas to kill and threatening the residents of the camp.

The Internal Security Forces also killed a gang leader and an accompanying person who were coordinating ISIS cells inside and outside the camp.

According to the statement, YPJ rescued a Yazidi woman named Kovan Ido Xorto, who had been kidnapped by ISIS gangs 10 years ago.

During the operation, 8 Kalashnikov weapons, 4 mines, 2 belts, 7 hand grenades, 25 detonators, 1 rifle, some ammunition and military equipment, some drugs and 5 tunnels were seized.