AANES: Turkey is supporting the revival of ISIS and its cells

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria defined the drone attack on a facility for the war-disabled in Qamishlo as a clear sign of Turkey's efforts to help its ally ISIS to reorganise.

On Sunday morning, a Turkish unmanned combat drone bombed a rehabilitation centre of the Federation of War-Disabled of North and East Syria in Qamishlo. The facility, which was founded in 2020, provides healthcare for those disabled in the fight against ISIS and is committed to improving their chances on the labour market. One focus of the centre is the integration of the war-disabled into the work of the administrative structures of the autonomous administration. Several people were injured in the attack, some of them seriously.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) released a statement strongly condemning the Turkish attack.

"The occupying Turkish state continues its terrorist attacks against our region. The occupying Turkish state, which is far from humanitarian morals and values as well as violating international law norms, carried out an UCAV attack on the Federation of the War-Disabled building in Qamishlo yesterday. Our veterans, who waged a relentless struggle against ISIS gangs and mentality, along with their martyred comrades, played a historic role in the destruction of ISIS terrorist organisation gangs and ensured success. All humanity is indebted to our wounded, veterans and martyrs on this basis,” said the AANES statement on Monday.

The statement pointed out that: "The Turkish state's attack on the wounded and disabled is a clear message to ISIS and its partners. It is also strong evidence that Turkey is supporting the revival of ISIS and its cells. It is time for the states fighting against ISIS and its extremist mentality, especially the International Coalition, to see into the Turkish state, which is attacking coalition partners, as the main patron and supporter of ISIS. In addition, at every security step taken by our forces against ISIS mercenaries and cells, such as the Operation Humanity and Security in Hol Camp, the occupying Turkish state intensifies its attacks. The intensified attacks on the region are the result of a new plan for the region, including Syria and Iraq, and the Astana 21 agreement."

The statement continued: "We trust in our people and their democratic struggle, in their historical and consistent decision in the multifaceted project of brotherhood and unity of the peoples."