Afrin people call for enhanced struggle against isolation

Afrin people condemned the aggravated isolation imposed on the Leader Öcalan, calling on the people to enhance the struggle.

The isolation system in Imralı and the invasion of Kurdistan are drawing growing reactions from the Kurdish people every day. Afrin people spoke to ANHA and expressed their reaction against the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

‘We will never stop until the Leader Öcalan is freed’

Mihemmed Henan indicated the aggravated isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan for 22 years, and said, “The international conspiracy has been continuing for 22 years. This aggravated isolation is an extension of the international conspiracy by the hegemonic forces in the world. These hegemonic forces act in accordance with their interests. The Democratic Nation project of Leader Öcalan goes against the interests of hegemonic forces and reveals society’s power. In this regard, hegemonic forces want to aggravate the isolation imposed on Öcalan and to extend the invasion throughout Kurdistan.”

Expressing that they recognised themselves thanks to the philosophy of Öcalan, Mihemmed Henan added, “The thoughts of Öcalan enabled us, the Kurdish people, to attain our identity and defend our freedom. This philosophy created a new life for peoples. Therefore, we will never stop until the Leader Abdullah Öcalan is freed.”

 ‘We will never abandon the resistance against isolation’

Likewise, Hena Ehmed, member of Til Rifat Council, stated that the aggravated isolation concept in Imralı also targets Kurdish women, and said, “The isolation imposed on the Leader is an extension of genocide policies which also target Kurdish women. Until we break the isolation and free the Leader, we will never abandon the resistance.”

Pointing out the importance of Abdullah Öcalan’s thoughts, Fexri Omer Sultan said “The power for a solution to the crises in the Middle East underlies the thoughts of Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Therefore, Leader Abdullah Öcalan must be freed immediately.”