Ahl al-Bait Association will fight ISIS-Turkish reactionism

Through committees to be formed in the cities of North and East Syria, the Ahl al-Bait Association, which announced its establishment on June 3, aims to build peace and unity by defending the essence of Islam against the Turkish corruption of Islam.

The North and East Syrian Association of Al-Ashraf Ahl al-Bait (Devotees of the Prophet Muhammad) announced its establishment at a conference held in Tabqa on June 3, 2023. The association, which is based on the Charter of Medina, is organized under the umbrella of the Democratic Islamic Congress and will establish a special council at the General Council of the Congress. The association will form committees and open offices in all cities of North and East Syria. 15 members will be assigned to each committee. It will also maintain close relations with all institutions and organizations in North and East Syria.

Şêx Sînan Seydoş, Head of the Ahl al-Bait Faith Association, explained the founding purpose and function of the association to ANF, saying: “We had the opportunity to establish the Ahl al-Bait Association in the North and East Syria regions under the umbrella of the Democratic Islamic Congress.  We sought to determine the working and management model of the Ahl al-Bait Association at the founding conference. We want to spread the ideas and moral teachings of the Prophet in society as extremist groups acting under the name of Islam have corrupted and discredited the religion of Islam in every aspect.”

Seydoş added: “One of our aims and objectives is to reveal the essence of Islam by creating peace and unity between Muslims and Christians, between all religions and beliefs. As the Ahl al-Bait movement, we want to take our place in the Muslim community and warn our society not to fall into the trap of forces like the Turkish state which abuses Islam against societies.”

Women's offices will be opened

Diya Al-Makdad, a member of the Ahl al-Bait Faith Association, pointed out that the Ahl al-Bait movement, which is also of great importance for women, would introduce major changes. She said: “Throughout history, women have been ignored in every aspect and their voices have been suppressed. All the achievements and views of women have been undermined under the cover of religion. With the Ahl al-Bait founding conference, we wanted to promote women's voices and women's participation in all areas of life, including in the field of religion. Therefore, we will lead Muslim women and help them get rid of extremist ideas.”

Al-Makdad continued: “Women's committees will be formed within the Ahl al-Bait Association. These committees will constantly inform women about religion and faith. Likewise, we will follow in the footsteps of Fatma Zehra by including women in the activities of the association. Women's offices of the Ahl al-Bait movement will be opened in all cantons and regions of North and East Syria, so that we can spread our ideas within the community.”

'Turkey’s abuse of Muslims will be stopped'

Naser Din Cüneyd Al Sayadî, Office Director of the Ahl al-Bait Association, revealed that their main activity would be to stop the efforts of the Turkish state against all Muslims, including Syrian Muslims. He said: “We know very well how the AKP government used the Syrians to prolong its rule before and during the elections. We will protect Muslims, especially Syrians, from becoming a puppet controlled by foreign forces. We established the Ahl al-Bait faith association in partnership with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. I would like to urge our people and tribal leaders living under the occupation of the Turkish state not to fall into the trap of colonial powers and to reclaim their roots and nobility.”

'We will eliminate false notions'

Democratic Islamic Congress Co-Chair Delal Xelîl pointed to the vicious policies against Rojava, stating: “All these vicious policies are pursued under the name of Islam. Especially recently, many extremist views and organizations have emerged. We all know only too well that the Turkish state promotes reactionary ideas. Therefore, we, as the Democratic Islamic Congress and the religion and faith union of North-East Syria, consider it our duty to eliminate these violent and vicious ideas.”

Xelîl added: “We wanted to intervene after witnessing how they wanted to destroy society by abusing Islam. With the introduction of true Islam, women will have a role and mission. We discussed how we could protect our society from these schemes by bringing together male and female religious figures. Because ISIS must also be defeated intellectually. The influence of the radical ideas of ISIS still exists in society. Some people interpret Islam in line with their own interests. The Ahl al-Bait faith movement seeks to eliminate false notions. We will develop the religion of Islam by referring to the Charter of Medina, Prophet Muhammad and the holy book of Islam.”