Ain Issa People: The Turkish state has no place here!

Ain Issa people are continually targeted by the Turkish state. They said that the main purpose of these attacks is to force them to leave their land and underlined that the Turkish state had no place in this region.

The invading Turkish state's attacks on Ain Issa and Girê Spi have intensified. These two places are targeted every day. Civilians are the objective. A father and his three children were murdered in the village of Safawiyê on 4 August. On 17 September, four other civilians were murdered, including one 17-year-old boy. On 22 September, Turkish state forces attempted to infiltrate the village of Dibis, northwest of Ain Issa, killing one civilian and wounding five others. On 22 September, another person was injured as a result of the bombardment in the same area.

Residents of the village of Hişe in Girê Sipî, spoke about the Turkish state's attacks.

'The Turkish state has no place here'

According to Emine Osman, the Turkish government's ultimate aim is to empty the area. "There are attacks every day," Osman said, adding: "The Turkish state is carrying out all kinds of attacks to force us out of our homeland. Syria has been at war for many years. People come to these regions because our areas are secure. However, the security of our areas is jeopardized by the Turkish government’s attacks. Civilians are being killed. The Turkish state has no place in our country. We own these territories, and the Turkish government has no claim on them. But they assault, kill children, and kidnap old people on a daily basis. They are occupying our territory, and to make matters worse, they are bringing their own mercenaries and settling them in our areas. Russia, which is supposedly against this, is just watching.”

'Russia and other forces do nothing’

Osman continued: “Russia's presence is pointless. Not only Russia, but all international forces are acting for their own interests and are not speaking out against the Turkish state. Of course, the fact that these forces remain silent demonstrates that they have an interest in the Turkish state. They don't care if civilians are killed.”

Osman added: “What will happen if attacks like this continue? What will people do now that winter comes? The occupiers burned villages and destroyed houses; four civilians were killed in one town. Children are shot while sleeping. For how long will this go on? We are the people of this region, and we are united in our support for our fighters. They are our children, after all. We are still in our homes today because of them. Every day, they defend us by standing up to the Turkish state's bombs and attacks. We will never abandon them.”

'Violence and oppression continue’

Hişe Assembly co-chair, Xelil El Isa, said that they will stand against the Turkish state and its mercenaries thanks to the unity of the people of the region. El Isa said: “The Turkish state's attacks and massacres against citizens have recently risen. Many attacks have occurred in the villages of Til Temir, Ain Issa, and Girê Sipî. Civilians are killed in these attacks. Their villages and homes are being plundered. The Turkish government employs various forms of brutality and cruelty against civilians. All of this is taking place right in front of the world's eyes. These are deliberate actions. Women and old people are being kidnapped in Girê Sipî. We, the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria, must unite to fight these extremist forces, who use Islam as a tool to persecute these radical forces, and drive them out of our own territories. We live safely under the umbrella of the SDF and the Autonomous Administration. However, the Turkish government is using a variety of technology to create havoc in the region. The Turkish state's goal is clear. To empty the area and change its demographic structure. It is once again forcibly removing people from villages under its control and using those villages as a base. They bring mercenaries and settle them with their families.”

'Turkey wants to expel us from our land'

Another Hişe village resident, Xelef Gedro, responded harshly to the Turkish government's attacks on the people, saying: "Our village is on the M4 road.  The Turkish state and its mercenaries are regularly bombing it. Many people have been caught in the bombing while harvesting their crops."

Gedro continued: “The Turkish government is targeting the entire population of the region. They killed people in the villages of Safawiyê and Dibis. They use a wide range of weapons against us. Their primary aim is to force us to leave our lands. They are once again persecuting people in Girê Spî. Nobody is able to leave their house because they are afraid.”