Ali Hesen says Turkey continues to support ISIS

Northern and Eastern Syria Internal Security Forces spokesperson Ali Hesen said that ISIS receives all its resources and support from the Turkish state and added that "the Turkish state is training and organizing them in the occupied regions."

Internal Security Forces spokesperson Ali Hesen told ANF that the defense of the people and the region continues against ISIS attacks and dangers.

Ali Hesen said that a new period of struggle started after the victory of Baghouz on 23 March, 2019, and added: "ISIS continues its attacks to recapture some regions by targeting military and civilian institutions in the region. Our operations against the sleeper cell structures of ISIS, which carried out these attacks, continue."

Noting that the Turkish state accelerated the ISIS attacks, Hesen said: "ISIS carried out bomb attacks in safe areas such as Qamishlo, Manbij and Raqqa, which are equivalent to Turkey's attacks on the region. With these attacks, ISIS wants to reorganize terrorism and control the region again. ISIS gets all its resources and support from the Turkish state. The Turkish state sends them to the occupied areas by training and organizing them."

Ali Hesen said that they will stand against the attacks and added: "We continue to work to end ISIS terrorism completely. As the Internal Security Forces, we will protect our people against all attacks and defend our region."