Arab fighters: We won't let the invaders stay on our land

The Arab fighters who joined the resistance on the Til Temir-Serêkaniyê front said: "We are on the front for our land, our people and our honor."

The Arab fighters on the Til Temir-Serêkaniyê front added: "We will give martyrs, we will be injured, but we will not let Erdoğan and his mercenaries invade our land."

The invading Turkish army and its mercenary groups such as Al Qaeda, ISIS and Al Nusra are invading the North-East Syrian killing and wounding its people and plundering their land and houses.

The Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian people with their different faith defend their territory against the attacks.

YPG fighter named Hisên Elî Xelef said: "I am at the front in order to protect my people and my land. Turkey and the invaders want to destroy us, but we, as the YPG, will not allow the occupation and with the SDF we will liberate our lands from the invaders."

Necib, a fighter who said that they would never accept the invasion and for this they will continue to resist, added: "We are defending the country against the terrorists and invaders attacks on our country. That's what I'm here. We resist against those who attack the land of our people. Erdoğan wants to invade our lands. We are resisting and we will not allow it."

A fighter named Muhan Ehmed Feyad said: "We have a very high morale. We are defending our country. All these attacks will be frustrated."

Abu Şirîn, who took his place at the front despite his advanced age, said: "We are on the front of Til Temir as Hesekê force. We will not allow Erdoğan and his mercenaries to invade our land. We will give martyrs and wounded but we won't let them through."