Arab tribes condemn Turkish attacks, call for action against invasion

The Cizire Tribal Council said that they would not allow attacks on the achievements and values of the peoples and insisted that they would support the autonomous administration, military and civilian institutions in the region.

The Til Berak Military Council organized a workshop in Qamishlo where members of Arab tribes, opinion leaders and religious scholars from Til Berak, Til Hemis and Hol districts debated over the role of the tribes in fighting against the attacks on the region and new developments.

Cizire Region Public Relations Commander Ehmed Al-Musa made a speech about the latest developments, threats against the region and the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in protecting the territories of North and East Syria.

Tribal leaders also spoke during the workshop and thanked the SDF for ensuring the security of the region. Opinion leaders also expressed their views on the goal of the attacks and the standard of living in the region.


The Regional Tribal Council released a statement at the end of the workshop.

The statement was read out by Ehmed Hiweder, spokesperson of the Tribal Council and one of the prominent figures in the region.

“With the administrators of the Til Berak, Hol and Til Hemis areas in the Cizire region and all components consisting of Arabs, Kurds and Syriacs, we emphasize that we will not allow any internal or foreign intervention against the achievements and values of our people. We express support to our Autonomous Administration, military and civilian institutions,” the statement said.

“We condemn the Turkish invasion attempts in North and East Syria, and call on the UN, the International Coalition and all international organizations to support the Autonomous Administration for the freedom of the peoples of the region,” it added.