Assembly of Democratic Peoples takes decisions for the implementation of the Social Contract

The Assembly of Democratic Peoples of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) took 7 important decisions in its first session organized within the scope of fulfilling the articles of the recently adopted Social Contract.

The first sessions of the Assembly of Democratic Peoples (former Legislative Assembly) were held today with the participation of the co-presidency council of the Assembly, members of the people's assemblies in the 7 cantons of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, and members of the broad committee of the Social Contract institution.

The meeting started with a moment of silence, after which the mechanism and starting point for the implementation of the Social Contract was widely discussed.

The session adopted 7 important decisions, which must be implemented within at least 15 days.

The decisions are as follows:

- Establishment of an electoral commission consisting of 20 people within 10 days. 

- Establishment of a committee to draw up the electoral commission's working law together with the Assembly of Democratic Peoples,

 -Activation of public assemblies,

- Establishment of an 8 to 10-member Social Contract Court Committee within 15 days,

-Drafting of a municipal law before the municipal elections, drafting of law on the protection of the Social Contract Court,

- Establishment of a 14-person general finance and accounting body within 15 days,

The Assembly also tasked the Executive Councils to establish committees and announced that the committee in charge of drafting laws will establish their statutes and working mechanisms.