At least 15 invaders killed on Serekaniye-Til Temir line

SDF retaliate against the attacks on the basis of legitimate defense.

The Turkish army and allied mercenaries have launched a wave of attacks against villages in Til Temir town, and the villages in Zirgan town in Serekaniye (Ras al-Ain) on Wednesday.

Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) responded to the attacks on the basis of legitimate defense.

Three DShK-mounted vehicles with mercenaries in it were destroyed as a result of the retaliation by SDF units against the attacks on Til Werd and Ayn al-Hawa villages of Zirgan. A bulldozer was destroyed and many members of the occupation forces were killed during the ensuing clashes.

In Til Mihemed village of Zirgan, the invaders faced harsh response by the SDF. A DShK-mounted vehicle, two pick-up vehicles and a BMB type panzer were destroyed in the fighting here where also at least 15 invaders were killed and many more wounded.

On the other hand, SDF fighters thwarted the invaders’ attempt to infiltrate the village of Erbain in Til Temir. Many from the occupation forces were killed in the clashes here.