At least 62 people kidnapped in Afrin in August

At least 62 people, including 6 women, were kidnapped within a month in the Kurdish city of Afrin, which has been under the occupation of the Turkish state since 2018. 4 new colonial sites were built.

Afrin has been under the occupation of the Turkish state since 2018. The Turkish state, which created a terror regime in Afrin Canton, committed war crimes and serious human rights violations in August.

According to the August balance sheet prepared by the Afrin-Syria Human Rights Organization, a villager named Eli Nuri (65) from Anqel village in Shiye district was murdered last month. Nuri died after being hit by a vehicle belonging to the Emşat gang group affiliated with Ankara. The perpetrators of the crimes benefit from complete impunity.

62 people kidnapped

The organization reported that the Turkish state and its mercenaries kidnapped 62 citizens, 6 of whom were women, in August and raped one of those women.

The organization pointed out that most of those kidnapped had just returned to Afrin, believing the false promises of ENKS.

450 trees cut down, agricultural land and forests burned

The Turkish state and the mercenaries brought to the region within the scope of the ethnic cleansing policy implemented by Turkey, were responsible for the cutting down of 450 trees in the canton and burning tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land and forests.

Colonial sites being built

Forced demographic change crimes continued to be committed in August. Colonial houses named "Ehil El Xêr" were built near Afrin canton in cooperation with the "Sewasiye" and "Social Development and Humanitarian Support International (SDI)" organizations. Gang families began to be settled in colonial residences built in Shera district. 100 buildings were built on the site.

The Turkish state, in cooperation with Gulf Arab organizations, built a new settlement near the village of Xezewiyê in Sherawa district.

The construction of a new colony has been started north of the Kiwêt Rehm colonial houses in the Jindirês district.

Work has begun on a colonial site near the village of Miryemin in the Sherawa district.